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Jochen Hick
Jochen Hick        

Galeria Alaska Productions

Galeria Alaska Productions (based in Hamburg) has been developing, producing and distributing feature documentaries and fiction films for independent cinema and television since 1994. Another production field is prime time documentaries (up to 1 hr. length). Many of Galeria Alaska Productions independant projects have been produced outside of Germany, mainly North- and South America and Asia. Our productions have been invited to more than 100 international festivals, where they have been critically acclaimed and have been sold to various countries. In 2000 Galeria Alaska Productions opened an affiliate company in Stuttgart (Baden-Wuerttemberg). We maintain offices in Los Angeles and Berlin.

  • Coproducer for national and international productions.
  • Production planning for projects in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
  • Consulting: development, production, casting, postproduction, festival strategies, marketing and distribution.
  • Programme development for tv, events and internet.
  • Complete or partial execution of film and video-productions: research, (script-) development, pre-production, casting, production and postproduction of features and documentaries both for theatrical and tv-formats.
  • Equipment rental: DVCAM (Sony ecc.), Lighting (Arri ecc.), Sound (Sennheiser).
  • Postproduction facilities (AVID and AVID DV Express).
  • World distribution and theatrical release.
  • Commercials, corporate communications and internet projects.

Founder, owner and producer of GALERIA ALASKA PRODUCTIONS. Film studies at Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts (degree in visual communications/film), studies at University of Florence, Bologna and Hamburg. Numerous credits in film and tv productions as AD, DP, sound engineer and editor. Screenwriter and journalist for various tv-stations.

Florian Köhler
Editor: Florian Köhler Florian Köhler was born in Germany in 1967. After his experience in filmmaking and theatre and teaching film theory, he finally decided to study film editing at HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg. Since 1999 he has a postproduction studio in Berlin.


Supervisor/Advisor/Development: Karin Wallenczus
Florian Köhler

Born in Adelaide, Australia. Karin Wallenczus (doctors degree in psychology) contributes in script development, casting and production supervising. She works and lives in Hamburg. Professional experiences in tv / film since 1987.



The Galeria Alaska exist: it's kind of one of the first shopping malls in Copacabana, a quarter of Rio de Janeiro. Until the end of the eighties there were various night clubs and bars and it was one of the main locations for Jochen Hicks first feature film Via Appia (1990). Ist was also the location where he first worked together with PC Neumann (DP of Via Appia) with whom he founded 1994 the productions company Galeria Alaska Productions.

Times have changed, most of the nights clubs and bars in the Galeria Alaska have disappeared. Now the brazilian fundamentalist churches overtook and have their service rooms there.

Here you can download a PDF-file about our company profile for printout. You'll find more downlads in the DOWNLOAD area.

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