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Tom Weise
Keith Richmond
Frederick Berlin
Talvin de Macchio
Jeffrey Davids
Sascha Müller-Bardone
Raven O.
Mike Jones
Lars Svenson
Vin Nolan
Chad Leigh
Brandon Baker
Angel Benton
Angel Eyes
Chi Chi LaRue
Alex Baresi
Bruce Villanch
Victoria Drukker
Bjoern Wieland


Ce Ce Peniston

and many more

BIOs of some of the protagonists:

Tom Weise
Born February, 14th 1967 in Hannover, Germany. Studied political sciences at the Free University Berlin. In the early 90s lived in Berlin
and Sydney. 1993 diagnosed HIV+. 1994/95 internship with “The Mac Neil/Lehrer News Hour” in New York City. 1995 completes studies, moves to New York. In 1997 he meets Jeffrey Davids, with whom he starts the internet site, currently the world’s largest gay male escort site. Actively involved in Gay Pride parades, party organization, and working with care groups for children with HIV, he
also fostered 2 African-American boys from Harlem for over 5 years.
For many years he led a group visiting detainees (illegal immigrants like him) at a detention center at JFK airport. In March 1998 first Hustlaball, (a party bringing together male prostitutes, porn stars and their fans), afterwards taking place annually in cities such as New York, Las Vegas and eventually Berlin. Increasing conflict between public and private life, mounting problems with loneliness, health and drugs. He meets his life partner. In 2007 they decide to move to Berlin.
Participating for the first time in the Hustlaball Berlin he also leaves to his business partner. Tom lives happily with his (registered) partner Keith Richmond in Berlin and Paris.

Keith Richmond
Also known as Og’e, born in Chicago, Illinois into a loving military family. The creative boy studied at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC focusing on music and theatre. In New York he attended the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology studying women´s fashion, focusing on “Couture”. He loves all things extravagant, detailed and elegant. He worked 14 years for a retail
consulting firm. In addition to working with a Parisian accessory designer, he also designs fashion for private customers. Currently he enjoys the exchange with European designers.
In addition he sings Rhythm & Blues and writes his own blog. Keith lives with his (registered) partner Tom in Berlin and Paris.

Frederik Berlin
Born January 27th, 1973 as son of a US-soldier and German mother in Augsburg. They divorce, when he is four, he is raised by his mother in Germany. In 1997, training as advertising merchant in Munich, studying marketing management. Simultaneously works through an agency part-time as an escort/callboy. Later acts in porn films, does live sex-performances and go-go dancing. 2003 leaves the advertising business, and starts up his own business as escort/callboy. 2004 moves to Berlin and meets his partner Marc.
2007 first visit to the US, successfully works as escort there. Back in Berlin schooling as communication trainer, coach (NLP) and as gay-tantra-masseur. In 2009 aims at becoming a holistic therapist for body, mind and soul combining sex, tantra, training, coaching, and marketing consultancy.

Jeffrey Davids
Studied philosophy among others at Oxford University (UK). Founder and owner of the website Lives in New York and Madrid. While at Oxford, meets a group of 40 plus men who discuss male prostitution and is fascinated by this glamorous world as well as the term “rent boy”. Anticipatory he registers the name, but only two years later, following personal experience with online cruising, he ventures from computer specialist to internet businessman.

Sascha Müller-Bardone
1971 born on the north German border.
1991 diagnosed with leukemia, completes apprenticeship as an engine mechanic, first sex parties, meets his life partner.
1998 moves to Berlin, works at Mann-o-Meter, organizes his first sex parties.
2003 first Berlin “Hustlaball”, accidentally and spontaneously.
2004 founder of “SMB-Berlin” and organizes series of parties including “Fickstutenmarkt” (Mare-Fuck-Market)

Talvin DeMachio
Born 1971, porn actor and escort for over ten years. “Escort of the Year 2007”.

Mike Jones
Escort and masseur from Denver. Outed religious leader Ted Haggard, alleged customer of his for over three years, who subsequently retired. Mike´s book on it “I Had to Say Something” has also been adapted to the stage.

Lars Svenson
Escort and porn actor from Germany. Lives and works part-time in the USA.

Alex Baresi
Porn actor and escort. International Pornstar 2007 (category above 27 years) 2004 finishes his studies of International Economy at the University of Genoa. Starts porn career in 2005, but turns down first offer, a bareback-film, because he insists on safer sex. He also designs latex and leather clothing, which he distributes himself.

Vin Nolan
Porn actor and escort, took part in the internet-realityshow „ChiChi LaRue's Raw Hotel". Vin Nolan’s story is also featured in the second part of SEX/LIFE IN L.A.: CYCLES OF PORN. Currently lives in New York and still works in the porn industry.

Victor Steele
Victor Steele is a 28 year old American-Italian Porn Actor working exclusively for Raging Stallion (studio). He has appeared and performed at Hustlaball events in New York, Las Vegas and Berlin. Victor lives in New York and works as a dancer, escort and bartender.


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